Competitive Edge Delivered


Various retail industry solutions share similar features such as inventory control, customer loyalty programs and discounts, and customer relationship management. However, it is important to appreciate that, every client unique challenges and hence one size does not necessarily fit all. We provide point of sales/service (POS) solutions to manage transactions at convenience stores, super markets, pharmacy shops, restaurants amongst many others. We work together with our clients to provide the right solutions for their specific challenges. We hold a strong belief in putting the needs of our clients first, our goal is to help our clients run more efficient and profitable companies. If you need a retail management solution, or your current solution does not adequately meet your needs,please contact with us.


Management of the dynamic healthcare industry requires solutions that can adapt to the ever changing landscape of issues that healthcare develops. In Truphase healthcare, providers and institutions have a dedicated partner in their quest for excellence. We provide specialized solutions for:

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Pharmacy shops